From 11/11/2022 to 11/11/2022 FESTIVAL


Soul singer Oum beautifully fuses traditional Moroccan folk sounds – such as Hassani, Chaabi, and Amazigh music – with jazz.

About Oum

Oum grew up in Marrakech and by the age of fourteen was singing impressive solos with her local gospel choir. At 17, she released her first song, ‘This is your heart’, to raise money for the charity ‘Les malades du cœur’, which she appeared on television for the first time to promote. 

In 2002, she was noticed by Philippe Delmas, who invited her to Paris. For two years, she alternated recording sessions and concerts in Casablanca with the Brotherhood band.

On her return to Morocco, she reconnected with her Gnaoui and the Hassani, giving performances on the stages of the Gnaoua World Music Festival in Essaouira, the Tanjazz in Tangier, and the Barcelona Acció Musical in Barcelona.

Today, her music is inspired by Hassani poetry – which draws from Moroccan desert culture – and African rhythms, giving her a distinctive and rooted style.


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