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Marek Wolynski

Symposium Curator

Marek Wolynski

Marek Wolynski is a London-based curator and producer specialising in large-scale projects and cross-sector partnerships. Championing innovative and sustainable dialogues between tradition and modernity, Marek acts as a strategy consultant for institutions and organisations across the world.

His curatorial practice focuses on developing inspiring experiences and nurturing collaborative partnerships through the interplay of art, nature, science, and technology. Marek has worked on a range of creative commissions and seminal exhibitions with the British Council, United Nations, Mayor of London, Verbeke Foundation, European Parliament, Luma Foundation, and Art Rotterdam, among others. Some of his curatorial projects include the world’s largest exhibition of Theo Jansen’s Strandbeests kinetic sculptures, Daniel Spoerri’s retrospective in Belgium, a charity art auction with Forbes, and a series of psychoacoustic sound events inside ancient caves featuring Ice Age Rock Art.

Marek also leads D-Fuse, a collective of audiovisual pioneers working with environmental storytelling since the mid-1990s, and serves as UK Coordinator of sculpture network – the largest pan-European non-profit organisation dedicated to the support and promotion of three-dimensional art.