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Will Humans Exceed Their State of Being? (The State of Being Series), 2021

Everything that exists exists in a state of being. This state illustrates its underlying conditions and circumstances. Everything is in a fixed or transient state that is conjoined, ephemeral or in flux. The state of something responds and interacts with its surrounding environment, molding a singular emotional reaction that is contextual to the conditions it finds itself in. Suliman Alsalem relies on the use of light, shadow and motion as mediums to make the viewer interact constantly with the work. The shadow is evidence of the presence of our bodies in space, but we are not used to our shadow’s continuous movement while we are no longer doing so. Will Humans Exceed Their State of Being? is part of the “State of Being” series, which introduces the concept of the “state” from the artist’s point of view. The series discusses the nature and image of the state, the importance of understanding it and of trying to abstract it from its context, as well as to understand its future.


JAX District

Will Humans Exceed Their State of Being? (The State of Being Series), 2021

Suliman Alsalem

Saudi Arabia

Suliman Alsalem (b. 1993) is a Saudi artist from Jeddah with a background in architecture. Al Salem’s work revolves around research and discovery in an attempt to reach a new understanding of the concept of the “state of being”, its image and the feeling that accompanies it. He began his career as an artist in 2015 with his work Breathing, and held his first solo show, The State of Being, in 2020.

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