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When the Moon is Full, 2021

Zaman Jassim’s When the Moon is Full is a project in which the artist stands in a nostalgic pause before a moment of farewell and reflects on all that is beautiful in a lifetime. Two separate scenes represent the inevitability of departure: of the moon after its completion, and of life and the fleeting memories of the past. As the moon is illuminated by sunlight, man is illuminated by the light of his life partner, leaving the viewer to ponder on the metaphorical similarities between man and the celestial bodies that orbit our universe. The piece presents multiple layers of sensory stimuli – sounds, scripts, images and illumination – to transport the audience to another dimension outside of space and time. The light emanating from the installation’s luminous holograms reflects the impact that humans have on this universe and urge us to do well. Poetry is by Yusef Al-Breih, photography by Mohammed Alkharari, calligraphy by Hassan Radwan, film making Mohammed Salman, performance by Muhammad Talaqif and Rabab Al Ismail.


King Fahad National Library

When the Moon is Full, 2021

Zaman Jassim

Saudi Arabia

Zaman Jassim (b. 1971) is a Saudi artist whose mixed media work features visually striking and evocative forms, often enriched by a variety of symbols, patterns and calligraphic signs. In 2011 he was the recipient of the Al Kharafi Biennial Award for Contemporary Arab Art, Kuwait.

Jassim has held solo shows in Beijing, Dubai, Jeddah, Kuwait, Muscat, Paris, Riyadh and Seoul. He has participated in group exhibitions in Asia, Europe and the Middle East and North Africa. His work is in the collections of the Al Mansouria Foundation, the Barjeel Art Foundation, Emaar International, the Kinda Foundation, the League of Arab States and the Saudi Aramco Company.

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