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Waves of Light

Waves of Light

All oceans of the world are connected, so it follows that all waves within them are likewise connected. This is apparent in classical East Asian art, where waves were expressed using a combination of lines. This combination shows their essential connection and ultimate synthesis as a single, larger flow.

With their installation Waves of Light (2018), teamLab allows their audience to dive into this idea. The multi-screen installation displays waves with a continuous body of countless water particles. Their interactions are calculated and then the movement of the water is simulated in 3D space. Lines are created along the path of the water particles and shown on the surface of the waves.

teamLab call the realm where the lines exist “Ultrasubjective Space”, in which the viewer’s perspective is freed and the artificial boundaries which exist in works with lenses or points of view are removed. With these boundaries gone, the artwork, space, and viewers space become continuous and as one with the waves themselves.