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Proportion of Light, 2021

Proportion of Light (2021) highlights the origin and function of the traditional Arabic craft, AlMangour. This complex architectural element made of a wooden interlocking lattice system creates a patterned surface with a net-like veil in the interstice spaces. Deeply engaged in living traditions, Angawi expresses the craft’s intricacy as the flow of air and light occupy the room itself. As he continuously pursues equilibrium in his design and application to balance the human state of mind, the artist deconstructs AlMangour. The result showcases how each composition within the lattice system’s formation allows a certain degree of light to pass through space depending on the negative space it creates. Each area, therefore, stems from the multilayered geometric shapes it is made of. Proportion of Light (2021) unveils the process of “making of the work,” allowing us to experience its beauty, appreciate its intricacy, and the details that make the final artwork.

Proportion of Light, 2021

Ahmad Angawi

Saudi Arabia

Ahmad Angawi (b. 1981) is a multidisciplinary creative and educator from Makkah. He is currently the associate director of Al Makmad Foundation, a cultural institution that aims to conserve and revive the Hejazi heritage. Angawi worked as a program director and teacher for The Prince’s School For Traditional Arts Center in Historic Jeddah Al-Balad. He is also the founder of Zawiya 97 in Historic Jeddah Al-Balad, a hub that encapsulates cultural endeavors in the fields of art, culture and education.

Angawi is inspired by the rich and diverse culture of Hejaz in the western region of Saudi Arabia. His work revolves around the human condition while also paying homage to culture, heritage and environment. During his travels throughout the Middle East, Angawi focused on local traditional artisans and craftsmen, and studied their time-honored roles and their influence on today’s mass-market productions. Angawi believes in the concept of living tradition and creates traditional innovative objects through his design studio Shai founded in 2007. Angawi’s work has been exhibited in museums and galleries across the world. In 2018, he created a traditional mangour window screen as permanent structure for The Albukhary Foundation Gallery of the Islamic world at the British Museum.

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