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Alessio Ranaldi’s ‘Unexpected’ is an integral part of the research he is currently undertaking concerning the concept of action and reaction, in which two elements meet and collide. His aim throughout the project is to highlight aspects of sculpture relating to space and time, capturing the moment in which the collision takes place, generating a new unexpected form.

Alessio Ranaldi (b. 1974) is a visual artist currently living in Berlin, Germany whose current research practice focuses on the interaction between two or more seemingly opposite elements. His work aims to generate a joining link between nature and urban civilization, highlighting the complex intertwinement in which nature and artifice collaborate in architectural construction.

Ranaldi has previously taken part in international sculpture symposiums in countries such as: Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, China, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Romania, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine and the U.S.

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