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The Sun, Again, 2017

The Sun, Again (2017), emphasizes the importance of light in our daily lives. Through moving pictures and successive sounds, the artist speaks to an ecological imbalance, in its most severe form, suggesting that a dark future can be avoided if one harnesses their human instincts. He advocates for reconnecting with nature, donning one’s youthful spirit and curiosity toward land, water, and nature’s other elements that obliges, above all, man being children of Mother Earth. His poetic message suggests that with this unconditional love, the sun will return again. 

The Sun, Again, 2017

Mohammed AlFaraj

Saudi Arabia

Mohammed AlFaraj (b. 1993) was born and raised in Al Hassa, a town in Saudi Arabia that has fed into his interest in nature and ecology and led him to a multidimensional practice, from video, photography, installations and writing, through which he presents a world on the verge of collapse. The core of his practice is his exploration of the relationship between forms and concepts, as a combination of a variety of elements is visible through superimposed stories in his photographic collages, regrouping and contrasting fiction and non-fiction subjects.

AlFaraj’s work has been shown at the Sharjah Art Foundation, Sharjah; Le murate Pac, Florence (2019); Athr Gallery, Jeddah (2018); 21,39 Jeddah Arts (2017, 2019); Saudi Film Festival, Dammam (2015) and Dubai International Film Festival (2014). AlFaraj worked as a programmer in both the Saudi Film Festival and the poetry house festival in Dammam.

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