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The Mind Ship Exodus, 2021

The Mind Ship Exodus, 2021

Muhannad Shono’s The Mind Ship Exodus is a new site specific installation conceived for Noor Riyadh 2021 and inspired by our narratives conjured up around the nature, mythology and mysticism of fire. Shredded steel wire and steel mesh manifest a sci-fi landscape upon which rests a discarded vessel from another world. Both industrial and organic, it creates an atmosphere of wonder and mystery, its surface coming to life with patterns and waves of burning light, in a call to reignite the mind and unleash its power to change our world. With this artwork, the artist offers us a symbolic means of escape into the cosmos of our minds, a trip towards new ways of thinking and transformative ideas. A once mighty vessel lies forgotten and dormant, waiting to be reassembled, ignited and relaunched towards our imagination. The mind, like a burning bush with its neurons forever ablaze with hope, is the source of limitless energy, able to propel us to new and as-yet-unknown horizons.