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Somewhere Beautiful, 2021

In Somewhere Beautiful (2021), the artist presents hyper-consumption in the digital world, blurring the lines between light, vision, reality, and fiction. The immersive installation is a compilation of multiple screens projecting scenes culled from a plethora of movies and documentaries that have shaped the artist’s life, that of his friends, the region, and beyond, all played at extremely high speeds. The visual experience is akin to encountering moving and flickering shades of light that distort reality while creating an intense, surreal world of visual noise, disturbance, and chaos. Upon entering, the viewer’s comprehension and processing skills are reduced due to the rapid speed and dense flow of knowledge. Thus, meanings are lost, and all that is left is the light. In effect, this work is a mind–eye game, a moment of self-questioning whether our beautiful place exists in our minds or our reality. 

Ayman Yossri Daydban (b. 1966) is a Saudi based Palestinian-Jordanian artist whose multidisciplinary practice revolves around the deconstruction of various national narratives with the approach of a watchman or guard. This term translates into English from the artist’s Arabic last name and mirrors his approach to questions about existence, identity and belonging relating to cultural heritage, national integration, the East / West global melting pot of influence and inter-dependence and the difficulties in assimilation and translation of divergent customs and traditions.

Solo exhibitions include: Give Me The Light, Athr, Jeddah (2016); Common Grounds, Sabrina Amrani, Madrid (2014); I am Anything, I am Everything, Athr, Jeddah (2012); Identity, Selma Ferinani, London (2011). He launched his first public art project Change on billboards across Dubai and Sharjah during Art Dubai (2013). Daydban is part of the permanent collections of the Greenbox Museum, Amsterdam; Salsali Private Museum, Dubai; Al-Mansouria Foundation, Jeddah; British Museum, London; Guggenheim Museum, New York; and Centre Pompidou, Paris.

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