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2021 رسائل مؤقتة Ricochet

Can we address public space via poetry? Nojoud Alsudairi’s Ricochet is a performative architectural installation that combines literature with light to convey conversations between Riyadh and its residents. The haikos presented on public building signages have been collected and deconstructed from letters written by the city’s residents. The multiple interventions include a pavilion that provides a social space that offers coffee in an attempt to inspire new physical and social arrangements within an existing urban context. The additional luminous signs are placed around the city, extending the artwork across an electric urban landscape.


Diplomatic Quarter Cultural Palace, JAX District & Lakum Artspace

2021  رسائل مؤقتة Ricochet

Nojoud Alsudairi

Saudi Arabia

Nojoud Alsudairi (b.1994) is a Saudi artist and architect based in Riyadh. Her research driven practice focuses on the personal and collective identity rooted in urban contemporary Saudi culture. Having a formal education in architecture and situated practice, her work ranges from painting, woven sculptures and multimedia installations. She is the cofounder of Syn Architects, an interdisciplinary firm that focuses on ecologically sensitive design that is community driven, as well as of SaudiArchitecture.org, a research and archive collective that looks into Saudi Arabia's modernist and contemporary architectural and urban projects.

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