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Rhizome, 2021

For Noor Riyadh 2021, Tom and Lien Dekyvere’s Rhizome joins the trees of the Palm Oasis with a web made of hundreds of meters of illuminated rope. The word ‘rhizome’ originates from the world of botany and has been used by philosophers and media theorists to refer to various forms of networks. This site-specific work reflects on the various on and offline connections humans make in all sorts of manners, consciously and unconsciously. Via websites, co-creation, even couch surfing: people are linked in many ways. The piece also symbolizes a house, a cocoon from which to meditate on contemporary society’s (dis)connectedness.


King Abdulaziz Historical Center

Since 2012, Tom and Lien Dekyvere (b. 1985 and 1987) have traveled the world to design and install light art installations in public and private spaces, museums and at art initiatives. With their vast collection of experiences, they proceed to amaze and amuse audiences in public spaces, during events and exhibitions. For the youngest through to the oldest spectators, and with respect to local communities, they try to visualize today’s world through light, sound and material.

Their site-responsive work Rhizome has been exhibited around the world, including Brussels (2020), Knokke (2018), Leeds (2016), and Kortrijk (2015). Other works include Elantica, Baltimore (2018); Polygonum, Scottsdale (2016); Ivy 2.0, Ghent (2016) and Tech Farm, Eindhoven (2016).

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