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Rectanguloid (Quasar Spectrum)

Rectanguloid (Quasar Spectrum)

Rectanguloid (Quasar Spectrum) (2022)

Gisela Colón’s Rectanguloids embody a singular prime form derived from Euclidean geometries, and Platonic forms that have been altered, humanized, and energized to become organic transmitters of life force. While their outward appearance is high-tech, space-age, and futuristic, these forms are also visceral, primitive, and embody ancient humanistic knowledge. Created with ocular materials of the 21st century, Colón’s wall sculptures appear as hybrid objects: they might read as paintings, yet contain no paint. Unconventionally, the chroma of these works comes from luminosity – not from surface pigments – and presents a fluid color spectrum that fluctuates in response to environmental lighting conditions and the position of the audience. In their shifting nature, these sculptures recall organic matter. They embody active transformation, acting as vehicles for enhanced perceptual experiences, causing the viewer to experience seeing ‘impossible’ or even ‘imaginary’ colors as light and color become inextricably intertwined.