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Nando Alvarez’s source of inspiration for his sculptural work ‘Rainbow’ is found in elements of nature that are without a determined path, elements that are usually in a state of continuous movement and transformation, like water and wind. Most of Alvarez’s work portrays wave-like structures, composed in dynamic and changing ways. Alvarez strives to reflect the dynamism and fluidity of these elements within an inert and inelastic material such as stone, working to maintain the fluidity of the initial design throughout the carving process.

Nando Alvarez (b. 1975) graduated in History of Art, Santiago de Compostela University (1999) before going on to study for an MA in Sculpture at Mestre Mateo Arts School, Santiago de Compostela, Spain (2001).

He has participated in more than 90 international sculpture symposiums and competitions in 24 different countries, most recently: LihPao International Sculpture Biennial Awards, Taiwan (2021); China Beichuan Yuqiang International Sculpture Exhibition, Chengdu, China (2021); the Gold Medal at Silk Road Dream Meeting Sculpture Competition, China (2020); Wood Varna Sculpture Symposium, Bulgaria (2019); the Sculpture Park Exhibition, Minqin, China (2019); International Sculpture Symposium, Cavriglia, Italy (2019); Donghai University ‘Art with Us’, International Sculpture Symposium, Donghai, Taiwan (2019); Arte na Foresta, Wood Sculpture Symposium, Leiria,  Portugal (2018); International Sculpture Symposium of the Kingdom of Morocco (2018) and the International Sculpture Festival in Hualien, Taiwan (2017). 

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