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Présage 22/04/2022 14h12

Présage 22/04/2022 14h12

Noor Riyadh





Présage 22/04/2022 14h12 (2022)

Artist Hicham Berrada began his Présage series a little over ten years ago and it has been evolving ever since. The process is the same each time and begins with an empty glass jar or tank. Various components are then added and chemically activated. Berrada approaches his art much like scientific experimentation and is careful to make a note of all the parameters and their variables as these underwater tableaus come to life. Hermetic little worlds that are completely cut off from our own and grow from minerals which have been immersed in an aqueous solution. He uses a whole range of components to produce a wide variety of shapes and colors. Allow yourself to be immersed in this magical world.