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Perseverance in time

‘Perseverance in Time’ is part of Damjan Komel’s ‘Seeds of Light’ series, wherein seeds are considered as time capsules, vessels traveling through time and space. He uses the form of the maple seed as a metaphor for our dreams and wishes. Blown away by the wind, these seeds fly far to find fertile ground where they sprout into an eternal bloom. Komel also finds inspiration in places he has travelled such as the pyramids in Mexico, or Angkor Wat in Cambodia, where the spiral form is present, as a whisper from the past. For ‘Perseverance in Time’ Komel combines the power of ancient spirals in old ornaments found in Saudi Arabia to grow a contemporary message. This sculpture portrays a man who, over time, is untiringly seeking opportunities, knowledge for new development, personal growth, progress and prosperity.

Perseverance in time

Damjan Komel


Damjan Komel (b. 1971) graduated in sculpture and ceramic from the Famul Stuart School of Art, Ljubljana, Slovenia (2004). In his artistic research he seeks to tell his own story, his experiences, personal responses and feelings, as well as those of people and situations he encounters in his daily life. He uses traditional hand tools, such as the chisel on stone that leaves a unique trail, reflective of the sculptor’s strength and artistic thoughts. He also works with white marble, preferring to sand the marble over a perfectly polished look, leaving the surface soft, flowing and undulating. As well as stone and marble, he works in the classic materials of bronze, wood and ceramics.

Komel has participated in international sculpture symposiums in countries such as Italy, Taiwan (R.O.C.), Slovenia and the Czeck Republic. His work has also been exhibited as part of group exhibitions in countries such as China, Czech Republic, Italy, U.K. and many more.

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