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Parabolic Lightcloud, 2018

In its installation Parabolic Lightcloud, Amigo & Amigo uses more than 1,000 lights to make something invisible visible: our human emotions. With different color combinations, patterns and transitions they show us intense emotions such as love and happiness, but also calmness and sadness. A digitally-controlled medium like this light installation can have a powerful influence on our mood and our actions without us realizing it. Parabolic Lightcloud takes its shape from the parabola (a U-shaped line) on the famous mathematical figure, the Fibonacci spiral.


King Abdulaziz Historical Center

Parabolic Lightcloud, 2018

Amigo & Amigo


Directed by Simone Chua, Amigo & Amigo (est. 2012) is a Sydney-based artist studio with a background in sculpture and industrial design. It is passionate about lighting and experimental forms. The studio’s body of work showcases its ability to use light and materials to transform spaces and engage the public. Its projects are predominantly large scale and technically complex; playful in nature and designed to transform environments into memorable experiences and invite audiences to interact with the work. The amigos’ installation work has been featured internationally throughout Asia, Europe, the Middle East and South America.

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