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Metamorphosis of Space

Jhon Gogaberishvili’s ‘Metamorphosis of Space’ explores the rhythmic movement and connection between space and form, and the conceptual understanding of the metamorphose of space. Gogaberishvili’s dynamic invasion of space evokes emotion and creates a poetic mood.

Jhon Gogaberishvili (b. 1953), is a senior figure and mentor in the Georgian sculpture scene. Graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts in 1983 (postgraduate studies), he has been invited as an associated professor at the academy as well.

Gogaberishvili's more than 90 monumental sculptures are installed all over the world in 30 different countries. His sculptures are kept in many private collections throughout the world, as well as in national galleries and museums in Europe and Asia. He has participated in over 45 international sculpture symposiums, and won many prizes at international exhibitions, including Project Winner for the Memorial of Srebrenica Genocide, Istanbul, Turkey (2015); The 3-rd International stone sculpture symposium, Tehran, Iran (2011) and The 6th Hui’an Carving Art festival, China (2011).

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