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Leo (George and Irmelin), 2019

Leo (George & Irmelin) (2019) is a rendering of actor, art collector, and climate change advocate Leonardo DiCaprio depicted in a double portrait with his mother (Irmelin Indenbirken) and father (George DiCaprio).  In a nod to a pre-electric world, the work provides a continual source of natural light from a flame that burns at its own speed. Over the course of the exhibition, the sculpture will increasingly morph into a pile of debris dictated by the wayward laws of physics as it melts and distorts the personages. This exquisite metamorphosis from individuals to a vague representation of reality is a gradual process that evokes the grains of time passing through an hourglass. It stands as an allusion to life flickering for a mere moment in a slow-burn performance. A meditation on time and gravity, life and death, and the implications of a non-electric world, the sculpture captivates viewers with its materiality. 

Leo (George and Irmelin), 2019

Urs Fischer


Urs Fischer (b. 1973) mines the potential of materials—from clay, steel, and paint to bread, dirt, and produce—creating works that disorient and bewilder. Through scale distortions, illusion, and the juxtaposition of common objects, his sculptures, paintings, photographs, and large-scale installations explore themes of perception and representation while maintaining a witty irreverence and mordant sense of humor.

Fischer has exhibited extensively internationally, and his work is included in many important public and private collections worldwide. Solo exhibitions include Leo, Gagosian, rue de Ponthieu, Paris (2019); PLAY, Jeffrey Deitch, Los Angeles (2019); soft, Sadie Coles HQ, London (2018); Urs Fischer, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (2013); Marguerite de Ponty, New Museum, New York (2009) and more. Fischer lives and works in New York.

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