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Illusion Hole, 2020

Illusion Hole is the sixth artwork in the ‘Use Your Illusion’ series. Since UxU Studio began to create its series of artworks using meteor lights, it has been curious about how the visitor experiences its flowing light. According to UxU Studio, light is not merely a substance but something which can be transformed to produce meaning. Through a geometrically arranged pattern, light appears to morph into water, flowing towards an unknown black hole. When we watch the flowing light, do we really care about the existence of the actual water around it? Or do we treat the false as true, as the real becomes false?


Wadi Namar Park

Illusion Hole, 2020

UxU Studio


UxU Studio (est. 2013) is a Taiwanese collective founded by Kuan-Hung Chen and Ying-Chu Chen, that consists of architects, designers and artists. The collective’s work varies from objects to spatial installations, always with the aim of giving visitors a new perspective on everyday materials.

Its experimental, multi-disciplinary way of working produces surprising designs – often made of simple or everyday materials, and usually featuring light. Notable works include the light installation Desire for Amsterdam Light Festival: two large red lips formed by 1,500 lights.

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