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HALO II, 2021

VENIVIDIMULTIPLEX have created a brand new edition of their installation HALO for Noor Riyadh 2021. HALO II refers to the sun as the greatest source of light and warmth that shapes the conditions for life on our planet. A halo is an optical phenomenon produced by light interacting with crystals in the atmosphere. On a spiritual and cultural level, the halo has a universal place in symbolizing a sacred being. HALO II lifts visitors up for precious moments and lets them universally dream thanks to an abstract yet comprehensive experience, with a dynamic light sequence that reaches its climax when the installation is fully lit.


Riyadh Front

HALO II, 2021



VENIVIDIMULTIPLEX (est. 2012) was founded by Joost van Bergen, Dirk Schlebusch and Onne Walsmit. They met during their years at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam where they graduated in 2008 and have been working together since 2002.

As VENIVIDIMULTIPLEX, they work on a wide range of architectural, interior and conceptual design projects, as well as interdisciplinary interactive installations. With each project VENIVIDIMULTIPLEX enters new and exciting worlds, learning new skills and new techniques. This approach has resulted in world travelling interactive light installations like the Lightbattle (Amsterdam Light Festival 2013).

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