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Ghosts of Today and Tomorrow

Ghosts of Today and Tomorrow

Ghosts of Today and Tomorrow (2022) by Ahaad Alamoudi is a performative installation that considers light and sound as natural carriers of information. Alluding to the historical use of pigeons as message carriers, the installation comprises two pigeon towers. From each, a majes singer will perform a mawwal vocal piece, a variant local to the Hijaz and Tihama regions of the traditional vocal Arabic music.

The illuminations are animated by the performers in conversation: when one begins to sing, light will emanate from their structure while the other remains silent and their structure dark. A mawwal, Alamoudi explains, in its form, is ephemeral, but its brief performances are outlived by the lasting impressions they leave. Here, making use of the apertures of the dovecote used to shelter pigeons, light will pour out and spread over the surrounding audience and space. 

The current period of change in Saudi Arabia is considered by many to be a time of enlightenment. In order to parse this moment, this installation creates contrasts – between light and darkness, silence and noise, the past and the future.


Faisal Lbban – Majes
Ibrahim Rezeq – Majes
Talal Adduba3i – Poet