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Desert Lines

Haider Alawi Al-Alawi takes inspiration from forces found in nature, which then translates into tangible artworks, such as ‘Desert Lines.’ This sculpture explores the artist’s observations on the influence of the wind on the desert sand, and ocean waves on seawater, and nature’s drawing and creation of lines within the elements.

Desert Lines

Haider Alawi Al-Alawi

Saudi Arabia

Calligrapher and sculptor Haidar Alawi Al-Alawi (b. 1979) holds an undergraduate degree in art education from King Saud University in Riyadh. He is also a member of both the Arabic Calligraphy Group in Qatif and the Society for Culture and Arts in Dammam. Haider Al-Alawi entered the world of sculpture by attending a course of sculpting on marble with the Italian artist, Dionisio Cimarelli, and began by making small wood carvings.

Al-Alawi has organized and participated in exhibitions and won awards in local and international competitions. He has also participated in several international events including: the Gulf Sculptors Forum, Bahrain, Manama (2015) and Saudi Arabia (2015); the International Sculptors Camp, Oman (2016-2017-2019); live sculpture at Contemporary Art Exhibition, Jubail (2018) and East Coast Festival, Dammam, Saudi Arabia (2018).

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