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Capturing Light, 2005

Based in Riyadh, Malluh is witness to the growing changes in the region that, through her photogram series, sheds light on her spiritual connection to the city’s heritage. A photogram captures a photographic image without using a camera by exposing photosensitive paper directly to a light source. The arrangement of objects interrupting the passage of light determines the photogram’s composition. The everyday items portrayed in Capturing Light (2005) belong to Malluh personally and can be seen as emblematic and cultural symbols of Saudi Arabian civilization. They serve as a reminder of the joy found in priceless little things and become a statement for one’s youth that has been swept up in a tidal wave of consumer culture. She has always been inspired by her country, which she defines as a land of contrasting images and ideas.

Capturing Light, 2005

Maha Malluh

Saudi Arabia

Maha Malluh (b. 1959) is a Riyadh-based artist. Born in Jeddah, Malluh lives and works in Riyadh, London, and Vienna. Malluh is greatly influenced by her spiritual connection to the historic region of Najd, with its strong religious and cultural heritage, colorful patterned fabrics, and old Najdi architecture, all elements that greatly influence her art.

Maha had her first solo Capturing Light, Gallery O, Riyadh (2007) and has exhibited in numerous international events, including several Edge of Arabia exhibitions, The 57th Venice Biennale (2017); Saatchi Galerie London (2016); Art Basel Unlimited (2014); Hauser & Wirth, London (2013); the British Museum’s Hajj exhibition (2012); and the Institut du Monde Arabe Paris (2012 & 2014). Maha is included in a number of collections, including Abu Dhabi Louvre, Abu Dhabi; Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi; The British Museum, London; Tate Modern, London; Center Georges Pompidou, Paris; SFMOMA-Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco; The MAC Museum, Vienna.

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