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Artificial Moon

Artificial Moon

Noor Riyadh



Wang Yuyang’s Artificial Moon (2007) is an imposing sculptural piece with a diameter of over 4 meters. The installation recreates the earth’s moon and uses thousands of lightbulbs to simulate craters and other surface features of the much admired and celebrated earth satellite. For Noor Riyadh, Yuyang hangs his piece from a crane in a public desert space, an iconic Middle Eastern landscape. By placing the sculpture in a natural yet easily accessible location and by allowing visitors to walk around it, the artist enhances our connection to the work and casts a new light on our relationship with the moon. In a time in which science has regained a prominent role in defining people’s liberties, and recent Chinese space missions have reignited the public’s fascination with the moon, Yuyang speculates on the artificiality of media messages. With Artificial Moon, Wang Yuyang challenges our points of view and inspires a new appreciation of nature, as well as posing other questions relating to history, science and technology.