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Ambiente Spaziale a luce rossa, 1967


Lucio Fontana: Ambiente Spaziale a luce rossa, 1967

Ambiente Spaziale a luce rossa (Spatial Environment in red light) (1967) was originally constructed for the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam in 1967, but was dismantled and destroyed at the end of the exhibition, as per his directive. as per his directive. Recreated for this exhibition, the color red engulfs a room-sized installation whose walls are divided into maze-like parallel corridors. The viewer’s physical and visual perceptions are disoriented as they advance through and around the six segments toward the neon light that hovers at the end of each corridor. By employing colored textile materials as cladding for the walls and ceiling, light perception also became a tactile experience. Influenced by aerospace discoveries of the time and Fontana’s own interest in science, the work’s aesthetic impact is otherworldly and prescient for the conceptual underpinnings it established.

Lucio Fontana (1899 - 1968) was an Italian sculptor and painter. He became one of the protagonists of the Italian abstractionist movement, exhibiting his famous non figurative sculptures at the Milione in 1935 in a solo exhibition that marks the first exhibition of abstract sculpture in Italy. In 1949 Fontana presented at the Galleria del Naviglio Spatial Environment in black light, which marked a first revolutionary expression of spacialist theories. At the beginning of the 1950s Fontana discovered in neon light a congenial means of expressing the language of spacial art.

Fontana has exhibited at the Venice Biennials, Milan Triennials, Rome Quadrennials, Salon de bellas artes in Buenos Aires, Documenta in Kassel and numerous solo exhibitions at museums and galleries including Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (1967); Mc Roberts &Tunnard, London (1960); Walker Art Center di, Minneapolis (1966); Martha Jackson Gallery, New York (1961); Galerie Iris Clert, Parigi (1964); Moderna Museet, Stockholm (1967); and Tokyo Gallery, Tokyo (1962).

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