Noor Riyadh





Absolute (2022) is an audio-visual performance-meditation, exploring the boundless horizons of human consciousness, spiritual development and the path to enlightenment.

The video projection is accompanied by an audio message which discusses the knowledge of achieving absolute harmony with oneself and the world. A harmony embedded in every person from birth but hidden deep inside. The illustrative component of the work is based on colored, dynamic blocks depicting seven steps, each a circle to enlightenment.

So the experience begins: “At the time of your birth, you were in a state of innocence, naturalness and selflessness. Nature guided your energies and sustained your life. Wisdom is to cry when it hurts and smile when it’s good. Recognize your right to be “grounded”, “rough”, to acquire life’s blessings. And then a deep connection with the earth and wildlife will be restored.”

Love and pleasure are an important part of your sensory experience, your fundamental right. The energy of desire brings love, creativity, creation, new human lives into the world. Cast aside doubts, tell the world about your desire and let it come true. Feel how butterflies flutter in your stomach, how beautifully your energy unfolds and rushes up. This is where the search and realization of your individuality begins.