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Talal Al Zeid
Saudi Arabia Noor Riyadh

Talal Al Zeid

Talal Al Zeid (b. 1981) is an artist from Ha’il. He grew up in Europe and was immersed in hip-hop during the early 1990s, which marked the beginning of his career in graffiti art. He then moved to the US to pursue his higher education, and upon graduation he set up his studio in Riyadh where he currently lives and works. 

The artist has exhibited his works at Abu Dhabi Art Fair, Art Curial in Paris, Scope Basel, Vienna Art Fair and more. Select works are public display at the British Council, London; Ithra, Dahran; and Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. He has also collaborated on projects with global brands such as Adidas, American Express, GAP, Red Bull and REISS.