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Sarah Brahim
Saudi Arabia Noor Riyadh

Sarah Brahim

Born in 1993 in Riyadh, Sarah Brahim is a visual and performance artist whose work is rooted in experiences of the body. She trained as a professional performer, teacher, and choreographer at the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance and received a BFA (Hons) from London Contemporary Dance School. Her research-based practice began while studying medicine at university. She sought to understand the body through every possible lens – biological, physiological, experiential, and more – and later pursued a BS with a focus on medical anthropology and public health.

Brahim examines how gestures of the body can voice emotion, metamorphosis, the unseen form, and the relationship to the natural world. In particular, the artist draws on her personal experience of grief after suffering a great loss to unwind the duality present in the emotion, making it both distinctly personal and universally shared.

Her time at the dance conservatory in London introduced her to a more collaborative approach, leading her to blend disciplines and media and to work with members of different communities. Brahim now produces works in film, textile, and photography, as well as performance.


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