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Porté par le vent
France Noor Riyadh

Porté par le vent

Porté par le Vent creates innovative and breathtaking installations and nocturnal shows based on the themes of wind and light. When transforming a public space, the studio’s goal is to immerse the audience into a poetic and dreamlike universe that tickles the imagination and inspires wonder.

The studio was conceived from the vision of Christophe Martine. As a paraglider, Martine was always naturally drawn to the wind and art in the sky. It was through this passion that he turned his artistic hand to light design, creating his first night show, Les Luminéoles – an aerial ballet of colorfully lit helium kites that dance in the wind over the Blue River each evening – at the 2011 Lyon Festival of Lights.

Since that moment, he has been creating a unique world filled with kites inspired by plant and animal kingdoms and infused with gentle poetry for light festivals, inaugurations, private parties and more – all while using low-consumption lighting that can be run on battery power.

His choreographed shows have been displayed in Shanghai, Moscow, Singapore and London.