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Australia Noor Riyadh

Patch Theatre

The people at Patch Theatre have been making professional theatre for 4 to 10-year-olds and their families from their homes in South Australia since 1972, which means they celebrate their 50th anniversary this year. Over the years, they have produced 112 unique works and performed them for over 2 million children worldwide. That represents providing over 40,000 children with inspirational, design-rich theatre experiences each year.

In addition to theatrical works, Patch Theatre develops interactive design-led, immersive installations in non-traditional theatre spaces for the whole family. Audiences are invited to take part and make their own unique light paintings with UV paints and laser projectors. These installations are an exciting new direction for Patch, allowing them to connect to a broader audience.

Under the direction of Geoff Cobham, an award-winning lighting designer and creator, who took over the company’s artistic leadership in 2018, Patch has already won major awards for both its in-theatre and installation work and regularly has sell-out seasons. All of their productions, especially in this new style, are in high demand both nationally and internationally.


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