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Since 2003, the skilled international studio OCUBO has dazzled audiences worldwide with the production of elaborate light artworks and light events. Using light and technology, their artistic concepts invigorate urban landscapes with immersive video mapping experiences. Their remarkable works have graced large-scale cultural events turning real spaces into virtual ones through reality-bending optical experiences involving images and movement.

Colorful films creatively displaying 3D objects onto monuments, buildings, walls, floors and even water have thrilled audiences globally, sometimes introducing performers and dancers in the mix to build these imagination-filled virtual worlds.

Interactivity is at the heart of OCUBO experiences as people are encouraged to immerse themselves in the artistic journey and express themselves. As part of their participative shows, audience members made up of everyday people are invited to be actors and creators as they interact with the projections.

Along the way, OCUBO has worked on all continents, 35 countries and has executed more than 200 projects viewed by more than 10 million people. Their work has invigorated many locations or cities and contributed to enhancing their international appeal and branding. At the heart of their success is an impressive sense of artistry seamlessly combining light, colors, movement, interactivity and cutting-edge technology.


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