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Nicholas Azidis
Australia Noor Riyadh

Nicholas Azidis

Australian Nicholas Azidis is a new media artist and projection illusionist with an extensive, thirty-year portfolio of shows. As a producer, content creator and technician, Azidis has experience at every level of production. But projection isn’t his only medium; Azidis is well known for creating stunning street art in the form of building-covering murals.

Azidis’s interests lie in telling stories to his audience and, in doing so, creating lasting memories that challenge their perception. Azidis alters familiar surroundings into fresh, exciting spaces using a blanket of luminescent design from his digital projectors and lights.

His work is inspired by nature, machinery, geography and everyday objects; often sparked by a memory or half-seen image. This makes every single projection completely unique and, with over 1,500 behind him, that’s an impressive feat!

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Azidis is well traveled, having displayed his work across Australia, Europe and beyond, he delivers a spectacular show which has captivated audiences across the world.