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Mohammed Al Thagafi
Saudi Arabia Tuwaiq Sculpture

Mohammed Al Thagafi

Muhammad Al Thagafi (b. 1975) is a founding member of the Saudi Society for Fine Arts. Among the pioneers of the Saudi art scene, he is a well-known sculptor locally and internationally. He holds a master’s degree in sculpture from Umm Al- Qura University (2016).

Al Thagafi’s work has been shown in group exhibitions including: Misk International Symposium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (2018); Saudi Anamel exhibition in Germany (2008); UNESCO Exhibition in Austria (2007); And many more in Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Morocco, Russia, China, Senegal, Syria and Turkey. Solo exhibitions include: “Tajjalyat” exhibition in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia (2016), Naqa’ exhibition in Jeddah (2016), and “Legend and Stone”; exhibition at Shubra Palace, Taif, Saudi Arabia (2007).