mammasONica’s approach to audiovisual combines a fond social aesthetic and a strong relationship with the public space. As a creative studio, the innovative team of artists focuses on sensitive environments, creating interactive and compelling storytelling and developing a digital experience where involvement unfolds towards a collective and emotional participation.

The studio’s work involves complex AV storytelling experiences that are technically outstanding. They leave the audience with thoughts and feelings that linger long after the performance. Over the years, the Italian studio has exhibited large-scale projects in prestigious locations, including the European Parliament in Strasburg, the Atrium in Weimar, the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest, the Romisch-Germanisches Museum in Cologne and Lancaster Castle in Lancashire.

mammaONico is based in Italy, but wherever they go, whether it’s the Greek Theatre in Taormina or the vineyards of Napa Valley, their performances delight the audience and win awards. In both 2014 and 2015, they won the Genius Loci Weimar Competition with their TRA-DIGITAL Projection mapping onto the Anna Amalia Bibliothek and Zoetropolis on the Weimar Atrium.