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Kaz Shirane

Kaz Shirane

Japanese artist Kaz Shirane started out completing his studies in architecture. Graduating first from the Tokyo University of the Arts, he then achieved a master’s degree from the European University of Madrid.

He now specializes in creating spatial art, with a focus on the mysterious nature of mirrors. With both 2D and 3D approaches, Shirane’s work uses mirrors as a medium to challenge the viewer’s perceptions of truth and reality. By interacting with the piece, the viewer becomes the designer and the subject.

Each piece incorporates multiple mirrors displayed in different ways, some inverted, small, large or distorted, to create the unique sensory experience, which is Shirane’s trademark.

His work has proven popular around the world, earning him awards in his native Japan as well as Italy, the US and beyond. Shirane’s art has appeared in the US, China, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE, Bahrain and, of course, Japan.