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Jennifer Steinkamp
United States Noor Riyadh

Jennifer Steinkamp

Jennifer Steinkamp is one of the pioneers responsible for making digital art both recognized in the traditional art world and accessible to the public.

Working with 3D animation, video, and new media, Steinkamp uses cutting-edge technology to create large-scale installations within architectural spaces. She often focuses on nature and her installations often include elements of the world around us, including flowers, trees, flowing fabric, rocks, fruit and organic organisms. The mesmerizing effect of her work blurs the boundaries between real and illusionary space.

Steinkamp’s pieces follow unusual structures of time, often showing looping seasons or life cycles without context or end. In these works, the central idea revolves around the concept of continual change rather than depicting a set period of time.

With a career stretching back to 1988, Steinkamp’s work has been exhibited all over the world, including across the United States, Turkey, Spain, and South Korea, with more than 120 solo presentations and inclusion in over 260 group shows. Her work presents a unique, thought-provoking experience which transcends language to immerse the audience in the artist’s unique vision.