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Haider Alawi Al-Alawi
Saudi Arabia Tuwaiq Sculpture

Haider Alawi Al-Alawi

Calligrapher and sculptor Haidar Alawi Al-Alawi (b. 1979) holds an undergraduate degree in art education from King Saud University in Riyadh. He is also a member of both the Arabic Calligraphy Group in Qatif and the Society for Culture and Arts in Dammam. Haider Al-Alawi entered the world of sculpture by attending a course of sculpting on marble with the Italian artist, Dionisio Cimarelli, and began by making small wood carvings.

Al-Alawi has organized and participated in exhibitions and won awards in local and international competitions. He has also participated in several international events including: the Gulf Sculptors Forum, Bahrain, Manama (2015) and Saudi Arabia (2015); the International Sculptors Camp, Oman (2016-2017-2019); live sculpture at Contemporary Art Exhibition, Jubail (2018) and East Coast Festival, Dammam, Saudi Arabia (2018).


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