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Fabio Volpi / DIES

Fabio Volpi / DIES

Italian audiovisual artist Fabio Volpi, also known by his stage name dies_, has been creating multimedia art for over 20 years. His work fuses audio, video and large-scale projection to wow and inspire his audiences. Volpi has also displayed his paintings of his live performances.

With a background in architecture, it’s perhaps not a surprise that Volpi has won awards for mapping video over buildings. Video mapping is the process by which a video is shown coherently over an uneven surface. This is a highly technical and detailed skill, for which Volpi has won multiple awards across the world including first prize at the video mapping international contest in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Working as a member of multiple collectives, his work has been shown at live shows, exhibitions and festivals across Europe, Canada, the US, Asia and beyond.

Volpi produces all elements of his work, the music, video and images are all his creation. It is, therefore, little surprise that he now teaches the theory behind sound design and representation theory at R. Bauer in Milan.