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Aleksandar Eftimovski
North Macedonia Tuwaiq Sculpture

Aleksandar Eftimovski

Aleksandar Eftimovski (b. 1988) dedicated his youth to learning and exploring visual arts, especially sculpture. Aged 14, he started learning about art at the National Art School of Macedonia, with his interest in sculpture later leading him to the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence where he got his Bachelor degree. There, he was first introduced to working with stone, which he now uses as the main material for his sculptures.

Eftimovski mastered his stone carving and bronze casting skills at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara, Italy, where he completed his master’s degree. During his time in Italy, he received several scholarships and attended the Faculty of Fine Arts, Tenerife, on an exchange program where he learned many techniques of bronze casting and took part in many group and solo exhibitions throughout Europe.

Eftimovski creates large scale sculptures at Sculpture symposiums throughout Europe, Asia and America. His art pieces are part of the collections of The National Museum of Beijing, Xi’an, Shongyan, as well as private collections in Europe and USA; and, he is a winner of many art awards, including first place at the Sculpture Symposium O’Grove, Spain (2019).